Meet The Team

Mohamed Albayoumi


Mohamed Albayoumi has traveled the world exploring different architectural ways of building, from the cement residential towers in Asia, steal and concrete single family homes of California ,to the clay brick high rise buildings of the Middle East.

Mohamed's vast knowledge and understanding of his clients needs, are the reasons why Planetary Living Inc. should be your top choice into building the home of your dreams.

Ashley Landrey


Ashley Landrey, is a driven, dedicated business development executive with vast knowledge of London, and surrounding area. Born and raised in London's core Ashley has seen the growth and development of our city and now she is a part of making that change. Ashley is a dedicated individual with a strong work ethic, this has allowed her to grasp the idea of becoming Londons first registered female builder.



project Manager

Head office

181 Foster Ave

London On

N6H 2L2

T:(519) 452-1325

F:(519) 434-0525


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